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To celebrate one year of marriage, the couple decided to travel to a city, where they rented a massage hotel to spend the night. This hotel is very special, that's all. All activities are performed in the middle of the night, including massage services. While sleeping, the girls were surprised when a male employee entered the room with massage offers, because they felt tired. She was tired from a long day of traveling so she agreed, while her husband was sleeping soundly right next to her. Unfortunately, the employee turned out to be a lustful person. Seeing her hot body, he came up with a very miserable plan, which was to apply aphrodisiacs on this female tourist's body. After a while of massage, she was writhing and restless due to the effects of the aphrodisiac. Realizing that the opportunity had come, the employee quickly "meat" her in joy and satisfaction.

MEYD-829 Arousing massage and then fucking the female tourist
 Movie Code: MEYD-829 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Sora Amagawa