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Even though she is in difficult economic times, her husband still has a stable job, a very good salary, and both of them do not have to worry about food and clothing. Today, while doing housework, a masked man suddenly burst into the house and forced Saki to open the safe. If he were a normal thief, he wouldn't know that Saki's family had a safe, but by his voice, Saki could tell that this was his brother-in-law Kyosuke. It turns out that because of large debts and embezzlement of company money, Kyosuke was fired and had nowhere to live. In desperation, he came up with the idea of robbing his brother's property! But when he saw Saki's sexy body, he not only wanted to rob the money, but also wanted to rob this sexy daughter-in-law! And since then, Kyosuke lived in the storage room on the second floor. Saki brings him rice and water every day. When she wants, Saki must be ready to strip to satisfy her sexual needs! Even so, the pleasure of making love to Kyosuke that Saki's husband could not give her. She gradually sank into the quagmire of sensuality, until one day, her husband unexpectedly returned home earlier than usual…

Letting my wife have sex with my brother to borrow money...
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 Actor: Saki Okuda