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In the first story, Mao's boyfriend invited his best friend to his house. He was the one who introduced her boyfriend to her. But her boyfriend did not know that Mao was his best friend's ex-lover. And then when he met Mao again, her beautiful body and face made him unable to control himself, using the excuse of buying cigarettes to go to the bathroom to touch her body. At night, he went into their room and made love to Mao right next to her poor boyfriend. The second story is about the husband and wife of two close friends drinking together. Mao's husband kept talking about his friend's huge penis, making Mao very curious. When her husband's friend went to the bathroom, she sneaked over and "tested" how big it was by making it ejaculate to reach its largest size. At night, she sneaked into his room and forced him to "compensate" for her because he was the only one having fun ~

XVSR-564 Having an affair with her husband's best friend
 Movie Code: XVSR-564 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Mao Kurata