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"If I threaten him with this image, I can get Satsuki-san..." On the day he visited his childhood friend's house, Takuya reunited with that friend's mother, Satsuki, whom he had a crush on when he was young. Seeing Saigetsu's unchanged beauty, Takuya's childhood feelings revive and he cannot help but look into Saigetsu's room. However, what I saw there was the appearance of Satsuki passionately masturbating. Takuya, who knew that the existence of his admiration was a lively woman, was unable to suppress the surging evil emotions and secretly filmed Satsuki's appearance.

HTHD-208 My best friend's big breasted stepmother
 Movie Code: HTHD-208 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Natsuyagi Saitsuki